A Form of Self Expression

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From simple and sweet to sexy and seductive, intimate apparel has come a long way. Today, we can see almost as much lingerie peeking out from a woman’s clothing as we suspect to be hidden underneath.

Bright colors and bold patterns, barely visible and yet clearly visible, make a statement as they shine through the thin fabric of cotton shirts, blouses and lightweight sweaters. Instead of worrying about the cleavage their daughters are showing, mothers wonder what color will be making its appearance through their daughter’s shirts.

From two-piece sets to mix and match, the combinations and possibilities are endless. Just as a woman has many facets to her personality, lingerie has many faces to show the world.

Selecting and wearing lingerie has become an understandable passion. A woman can truly express herself through her intimate apparel. Depending upon her selection, a woman may allow her feminine side to glow, her sexy and seductive side to romp, or her innocent and gentle side to shine. A woman should select her lingerie for the day based upon the inner self she wants to portray.

Is lingerie designed for comfort, concealment, or seduction? In reality, it probably is a bit of all three. The comfort of a woman’s undergarments is essential. After all, lingerie, the garment that lies closest to a woman’s body, impacts how a woman feels. A woman is transformed as she puts on her undergarments. Her feminine side comes to the forefront and takes charge of how she feels about herself.

No longer does a woman attempt to hide her underwear, but rather, she flaunts it and puts it out there for all to see. After all, it is quite appealing. Women have come a long way and no longer need to hide their sexuality.

Lingerie is a gift of romance. It is a gift given with a gesture of desire, a hint of appreciation, and a meaning of love. Lingerie no longer has the same purpose of yesteryears. No more corsets and gussets to compress and hide a woman’s assets.

A woman wants to look her best and is willing to try almost anything to enhance her appearance. Whether a woman is trying to maximize what she has or minimize what she has but doesn’t want, lingerie has been designed to do the trick.

The art of wearing lingerie is not a difficult one to learn. Simply discover what styles fit you best- physically and sensually. Combine this with the colors and patterns that you enjoy. Fill your lingerie wardrobe with a little bit of everything. Choose carefully, purchase wisely, and wear proudly.

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