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Women Seek Comfort as They Work from Home Amid Covid19 Virus Outbreak.

Wacoal Comfy Wire Free Bras

The popularity of wire-free bras and bralettes are up significantly this month compared to the same time last year. Wacoal customers have been flocking to get comfortable as the world quarantines and so many women are now working from home.

It makes sense that women are allowing the girls to be comfy while taking a more relaxed approach to foundation garments. After all, who needs glamour when you’re dealing with a global pandemic, not to mention home-schooling your kids and juggling work calls in your PJs?

Twitter users see the ironic and amusing aspects of this situation as they discuss the possibilities of going wire-free while social distancing. And really, what better time to going wireless? It’s at least three times more comfortable. Even if you’re skyping for work calls, it’s never going to show more than your shoulders up, so no one’s going to see. The only thing you have to temporarily lose is figure perfecting underwire bras that will still be there for you when this is all over.

However, Wacoal-America says that supporting your breasts is still very important, even if you’re staying home. Due to the weight of your breasts, it’s possible that you may damage your posture or end up with back pain if your breasts aren’t fully supported, the Wacoal bra-fitting experts are saying. They suggest that women switch to lighter options instead of tossing their brassieres altogether.

Here are some comfy, cozy wireless styles from Wacoal to slip on from the comfort of home. Click Here to view the full Wacoal Wire Free Collection!

Wacoal How Perfect Full Figure Wire Free Bra
Wacoal How Perfect Full Figure Wire Free Bra

Constructed from exceptionally soft materials with a seamless finish, the "How Perfect Full Figure Wire Free Bra” will almost make you forget you’re wearing a bra.

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