What Is a Minimizer Bra?

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A minimizer bra, simply put, is a bra that is designed to reduce your bust size. Women who have looked for minimizers are more than likely familiar with minimizing strategies such as methods through the ages like actually binding or taping their breasts for a reduced look. Finally, the bra industry wised up and eventually accommodated the many women who were demanding a properly designed minimizer bra.

Early versions of the minimizer bras were frequently made with rigid fabrics, which made them very uncomfortable. The minimizer market soon became flooded with minimizer bras that were poorly designed and generally unappealing. In those early days no true effort was made to create a design that women would actually want to wear.

However, that’s not Wacoal! Wacoal-America has designed minimizer bras that reduce the bustline up to one inch while keeping your feminine shape. Wacoal minimizer bras come in both underwire and wire free styles. Wacoal-America design these bras with real women in mind. The goal for Wacoal was for you to feel great in their designs, all-day long.

Wacoal Minimizer Bras
Wacoal Minimizer Bras

The secret to Wacoal’s success is a modern design.
Finally, minimizer bras that are fashionable, feminine and comfortable too. Wacoal has six minimizer options including a bodysuit with a minimizer. But that’s not all, Wacoal minimizers also lift, and support so you have a beautifully sleek silhouette that doesn’t look like your breasts are bound.

For women who are curvy, you’ll love how a minimizer bra can make you look and feel. It is a perfect companion for tailored fashions. You can now say goodbye to button-down shirts that pull or gap. Instead you’ll be saying hello to a pretty silhouette with natural rounded shaping. Wacoal has the best and most appealing support minimizer bras in both wire free and underwire styles. Wearing a breast size reducing bra will give you a sleek, feminine silhouette. That in turn will make you feel completely confident. Shop Wacoal bust minimizer bras for full figured women. They are available in sizes up to I cup!

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