Underwire Bras or Wire Free?

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Let’s begin with why we love and so often wear wire-free bras.

Well, for one thing, they provide comfortable support! Plus, Wacoal has a good variety of wire-free bras that fit perfectly into style of living. Wire free bras offer both suppost and shaping that rival underwire styles. They are perfect for women who want all day comfort.

How Perfect Full Figure Wire Free Bra
How Perfect Full Figure Wire Free Bra

Wacoal’s bestselling wire free bras have the comfort and support you want for every day
. These Wacoal bras offer the feel of a wire free bra with the lift of a t-shirt bra. Awesome! Wacoal's How Perfect full figure wire free bra (shown above) comes in C to G cups. For more wire free bras, Click Here!

Designed to minimize bulges, Wacoal’s unique Ultimate Side Smoother Wire Free Bra has crisscrossed side bands. The bands provide you with a smooth, lovely look under your most beloved fashions. This bra is a favorite of so many women because of the confidence they help you gain.

Wacoal's Ultimate Side Smoother
Wacoal's Ultimate Side Smoother

For women who are looking for a wire free bra that reduces the bustline, Visual Effects Wire Free Bra is the bra you want.
This bra can reduce your bustline up to one inch. Plus, this bra is extra appealing to the eye with its decorative lace. You might say that both beauty and comfort merge together, offering a modern design with great support.

The best thing about wire free bras is that they provide you with the comfort you need and love with the support you want. This is true whether you’re relaxing at home, or enjoying the social scene!

It is important for women to understand that their everyday bras (whether they are wire free or have the underwire) should fit properly and be as comfortable as possible. There's no purpose for sacrificing comfort in exchange for a look you are trying to achieve whether it is a sexy look, a stylish look or a sporty look!

The Wonders of the Wacoal Underwire Bra

Many bra designs are constructed with an underwire. Among women, underwire bras are becoming more and more popular and women are increasingly agreeing with the idea that all bras should have an underwire. So, the question becomes, what does the underwire bra actually does for you?

Wacoal's Instant Polish T-Shirt Bra
Wacoal's Instant Polish T-Shirt Bra

Ideally, it all begins with one of the basic principles of bra fitting
. When your bra fits properly, the underwire will delineate all of your breast tissue (from under your arms to your cleavage). The bra should lay flat against your breastbone in the front. The underwire bra is designed to constrain your breasts, however It should not rub against your skin or cause irritation. Click Here for Underwire Bra Selections!

The main reason for wearing an underwire bra is to enhance the natural shape of your bust via the contouring described above. The bra will accomplish this by encompassing the totality of your breast tissue. The purpose is to give you a lift and a round shape (which we all desire).

There are two types of underwire bras. If you’re wearing a padded push-up bra, you are getting less support than if you were wearing a full cup minimizer (intended to deliver the ultimate support). But both bra types have an underwire. The question is what determines this difference in support levels?

For any bra, the straps, elasticated back band, fabric, stitching, underwire and coverage all work together to play an important role in providing comfort for you. Most of the support of a properly fitted bra is in the elasticity (or firmness) of the fabric of your cups, plus the stitching (if any) on or along the cups. The main reason for emphasizing “properly fitting” is because – let’s face it - if your bra doesn’t fit, it doesn’t matter what style you’re wearing. You will not be receiving the support that the design of your bra intended!

If your bra cups cover only half of your breasts (as with a demi-cup), then chances are, your bra can’t give you nearly as much support as a full-coverage bra provides. That’s true, by the way, whether the bra has an underwire or is wire free. Ideally, you should choose a bra made with a sturdier extensible fabric as well.

Properly fitted, underwire bras help give you a more perfect fit because they support your breasts. Wacoal designs bras that provide the support level you need with the best fabrics (and stitching) of your bra cups. All of these points (plus more, like the width of the straps) work together to provide support you want and need!

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