Foundations for Fashion

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The truth is what women wear under their fashions is of the utmost importance.
The bottom line is that the foundations you choose will dramatically affect the way you look in your clothing. Will you look pulled together, or unpolished? The undergarments you choose will make all the difference.

Christian Dior once said “without foundation, there can be no fashion” and that is an absolutely true statement. Unfortunately, many women don't put enough thought into what to wear under their clothes. If you really think about it, quality selections and properly fitting foundations are the essential building blocks that will make your outfits (and you) look your best.

Your undergarments are the base for every outfit and the most important items you will tend to wear every day. If what’s underneath is too big or too small, or the items are overly decorative when what you need underneath is smooth, you are not going to look right. You may even be uncomfortable or self-conscious.

When it comes to fashion essentials, nothing is more universal than the all-important base layer: your underwear! Bras and panties! A great outfit can easily be derailed just by wearing the wrong bra! So we’re offering some guidance in what to include in the most important elements of any good closet – a thoughtful, well-stocked underwear drawer.


The shape of your body can change for better or worse depending upon many factors. So, it is vital to get the right bra size to support the breasts properly and to ensure that your bras flatter your outfit. It cannot be emphasized enough that you must be properly measured. Bra sizing is more complicated than most people realize, so don’t try to guess. Find the right fit from the start and leave the problems like protruding wires, gaping cups, and overflow breasts behind you forever.

  1. The Versatile T-shirt Bra: This bra is probably most essential bra to have in your drawer, the t-shirt bra should be a comfortable and versatile basic that works with most of your clothes. Stock up on nude and black!
  2. Lacy Feminine Bra: A beautiful lace bra is not only a must for under blouses and as lingerie, but also looks fabulous paired with a sheer top and high-waisted pants.
  3. Plunge Bra: A plunge bra can help to avoid your bra from peeking through under a low-cut top.
  4. Strapless, Convertible Bra: A convertible bra is a bra that can be worn more than one way, so that you can adjust the style to match your outfit. A typical convertible bra has straps that can be removed entirely, or rearranged for wear to be worn with halter tops, racerbacks, and other tricky tops.
  5. Bralette: This wireless style is available for every size and shape and has become a lingerie essential. You will want to include a black lace bralette to offer a little “peekaboo” style under sheer blouses and other special occasion fashion ensembles. An everyday bralette should also be included in your collection for comfort under sweaters and other relaxed looks.

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It doesn’t get more basic than panties! You will definitely want to clear out the clutter and refocus your underwear drawer on the folowing three top-drawer panty necessities.

  1. Bikinis: Bikini panties typically have a higher leg cut than classic briefs and are great for everyday wear. They are ideal for wearing underneath loose jeans and skirts.
  2. Briefs: Briefs offer a little more coverage and are also a great everyday basic under skirts, dresses, pants and more.
  3. Thong: In the case of clingy fabrics versus visible panty lines, thongs are clearly the winner. As with any undergarment, be sure to invest in well-fitting pieces.


Camisoles are a pretty and stylish way to add a little modesty when needed. For example, if you are gaping on a favorite button up, just add a cami underneath and you will be able to keep it work appropriate. If you are not sure about how to keep a sheer blouse feminine, but not overtly sexy, a black cami will keep it classy. Camisoles are popular too as an extra layer under sweaters for cool winter days.

  1. Nude Camisole: A nude cami is perfect for a little extra coverage under blouses and button-ups. Finding a camisole that matches or almost matches your skin tone will keep it from being very noticeable.
  2. White and Black Cami: When you need a plunging neckline to plunge less, a black or white cami can add a few inches without sacrificing the look.

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Sometimes the fabrics that are used in making the beautiful fashions are not as forgiving to an ‘imperfect’ body as we would like to think. Or, we may discover that we’ve added a few pounds and it causing our favorite outfits to become a little tight. Shapewear was created for these times. So, instead of battling with the zipper - smooth your silhouette instead!

  1. High Waisted Slimming Pants: These amazing pants have a nip/tuck effect without a visit to a cosmetic surgeon. A well designed, high quality pair will flatten the tummy, lift the booty and reduce any thigh-chafing. These pants are perfect for pencil skirts, form-fitting dresses and slim trousers.
  2. All-in-One Body Shaper: A body shaper is ideal for smoothing out troublesome areas and can often ensure the best silhouette for your favorite fashions. Some styles actually cover your bust to your kneecaps.

Just like a building foundation, an outfit also needs a solid foundation. Thoughtfully stocking your lingerie drawer with well-fitting and versatile underwear will not only help your fashions look great, but can actually help reduce clutter too. When it comes to lingerie, a few essentials can go the distance for an entire wardrobe.

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