The Proper Way to Wash Bras

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The Proper Way to Wash Your Lingerie

If you’re like me you’ll probably raise your hand if you were asked if you’ve ever thrown a bra in the washing machine. With so much else to worry about during our daily schedule, who actually has time to devote to their lingerie?

Place You Bras in a Laundry Bag before Washing
Place You Bras in a Laundry Bag before Washing

So… To properly wash your bras or not, that is the question.
It may sound strange, but many people are confused as to how to wash their bras. Unfortunately, it’s a topic nobody really talks about.

Many people think they can simply put their bra(s) in the washing machine. Most of us are so busy we would not even think about hand washing our bras. And if you ask an expert about hand washing bras, you’ll notice a gasp of air and possibly a little shake of their head, almost imperceptible, while their lips move and they answer NO.

At this point you’re probably asking why then would I hand wash my bras? The honest answer is, hand washing bras preserves the shape and more importantly the fit. As we all know bras can be expensive and very delicate, with incredible molded cups and beautiful lace detailing that need to be preserved. Another important yet overlooked fact is that, hand washing your bras can also increase their longevity.

You can wash your bra in the washing machine. You just need follow a few basic steps.

When you think about it, the average washing cycle (not talking about the delicate cycle here) involves a lot of agitation, such as twisting and bending. Now if you add a delicate piece of lingerie, such as a bra, into the washing machine with its underwire and fasteners, it’s a recipe for damage. Sometimes the wires will actually break or come out of the bra during the wash. All of this could be why machine washing your bras is frowned upon.

1. How to Wash Your Bras by Hand

It’s usually recommended that you hand wash your bras to preserve the bra (as explained above). You don't want to use normal laundry detergent which can be too harsh and actually degrade the fabric of the bra, and its elasticity. Use hand wash laundry detergent. To find a suitable brand just search online and you will find the best one suited for you.

If you have any stains on your bra, dab a little of the detergent on the stains with some warm water and very, very gently rub. If there are no stains, great, skip this step.

ill either a basin or a large enough bowl with warm water and add a teaspoon of the aforementioned detergent, soak your bra in the mixture for about 30 minutes. Take your bra out of the water and gently squeeze the water out, by passing the bra through your hands, to get rid of the excess water. Lay your bra on a towel and leave it to dry.

2. If You Have to Do It…
Here’s How to Wash Your Bras in a Washing Machine

Wash Your Delicate Bras and Panties in a Laundry Bag
Wash Your Delicate Bras and Panties in a Laundry Bag

Sometimes you just do not have the location, time, and/or inclination to hand wash your bras. We have all been there. Although machine washing is less than ideal, as previously mentioned, can it still be safe for your delicate bras?

When using the washing machine, make sure your machine is set to cold wash and that you have selected delicate wash. Never put your bras directly into the washing machine, you should always use a mesh lingerie bag.

Before you put your bras into the mesh lingerie bag, make sure that you fasten the hook and eye fastening, as you do not want your bras catching on each other and causing damage. Once the wash has finished lay your bras on a towel and let them dry. When they are almost dry, you can hang them as indicated in the image below.

Hanging Your Bras on Hangers When They are Almost Dry
Hanging Your Bras on Hangers When They are Almost Dry

This last part is open to discussion. Some people do put their bras into the dryer while other do not. Those that do not claim the extreme heat of the dryer can break down the spandex and elastic, which can cause premature aging of your bras. We don't recommend that you put your bras into the dryer.

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