Origin & Benefits of Spacer Bras

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Once upon a time, deciding what bra to wear was a relatively simple process. But now, not so much! There are so many options from which to choose! There are specific bra types to target a multitude of individual issues that are important to women, including support, comfort levels and styles. In this blog, we are going to focus specifically on Spacer Bras which now enjoy enormous popularity among consumers as well as within the intimate apparel industry. Spacer bras are favored for their sensuous feel along with numerous benefits that come with the style.

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So, what exactly is a Spacer Bra?

A spacer bra looks like a classic T-shirt bra, but that is where the similarity ends. The differences stand out as soon as you don a spacer bra. First, they are made from an extremely light, airy and breathable fabric that has been incorporated into the cups with the purpose of reducing sweat inside the cups. This makes spacer bras ideal for warmer weather and during exercise, especially if you have a tendency to sweat a lot.

The Origin of Molded Cup Spacer Cup Technology

The driving force for the intimate apparel industry since the 1960s has been focused on support, lightweight materials, and invisibility under outerwear.

The invention of spacer fabrics is what ultimately led to the making of molded spacer bras. Spacer fabrics contain a combination of fabrics and specialized fibers that have a porous structure, or a “breathable foam fabric” that reduces moisture. These fabrics were initially utilized in bandages. The specialized fibers are monofilament polyester fibers with a particular density and firmness. Spacer fabrics are comfortable to wear, and when worn against the skin, sweating is dramatically reduced.

In the world of intimate apparel, manufacturers of molded bras were the first to begin using spacer fabrics
. Molded cup bras have seamless cups with generally thicker linings than traditional bras, and they retain their shape due to the molding technology. A foam like material is heated over a mold to provide a distinct shape to the cups. These molded cups are used in padded bras, t-shirt bras, contour bras, etc. Spacer foam was incorporated into the fabric to create foamy air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup.

The Reason Behind the Success of Molded Spacer Bras

The end result was the design of a bra style with cups that feel luxurious, comfortable and soft, with moisture wicking features. Additionally, the spacer bras have some spongy elements that literally make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, while retaining the benefits that you get from some of your other heavy-duty bras.

Molded spacer cups offer three basic advantages.

  1. The seamless finish provides a smooth appearance for your silhouette.
  2. They provide great coverage without heavy seams and therefore work best with fitted garments like t-shirts and clingy fashions.
  3. Lastly, and most importantly, spacer molded bras offer a comfort level that is unsurpassed while providing the shaping you want

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