Breast Cancer Awareness

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month as most of you out there are aware. The month of October every year has evolved into an international campaign for breast cancer charities to boost awareness about breast cancer as well as to raise money for cures, education, prevention, research and treatment.

It all started with the partnering of the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries (now a part of Astra Zeneca) in 1985. The goal was to promote mammograms as an important first step in helping to detect cancer at the earliest stages. It was followed in 1993 with the founding of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Evelyn Lauder, Vice President of Estee Lauder.

The next step was the creation of the pink ribbon as a symbol of breast cancer. Then the next credit goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation who first handed it out at a race in New York City in1991, cementing it as the symbol it has become.

In a woman's lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though it is rare, breast cancer does strike men, too.

So, with Breast Cancer Awareness Month upon us, Wacoal-America has debuted two new styles for their Awareness Collection: First is an underwire t-shirt bra and the second is a wire free t-shirt bra. Both of these bras by Wacoal are constructed with ultra-light-weight spacer fabric.

Spacer bras are made with dual-layer fabric. The fabric itself is created out of a very fine mesh and is layered three times horizontally, vertically, and horizontally again creating honeycomb air pockets. You would think that this elaborate construction would add weight to the bras, but the opposite is actually true. The intricate design makes the spacer bras virtually weightless and essentially helps prevent sweating.

According to Wacoal-America, “The Spacer Bra is perfect if you want a natural looking bust but still need the opacity of a padded bra for added shape and support. The Spacer Bra is made from a new 3D, breathable and lightweight fabric that is both comfortable and invisible under garments - a lighter alternative to the padded bra”.

The new Awareness Underwire T-Shirt Bra features superb support, extra comfort, and the ribbon flag has been added for breast cancer awareness as well! The jacquard fabric from which it is made resembles lace and that instantly adds beauty to this bra. The foam-like honeycomb fabric spacer cups offer the qualities of a padded bra, but the weight simply isn’t there. Women love this aspect and the new underwire t-shirt bra is quickly becoming very popular with Wacoal bra fans. Sizes include bands 32-40 and cup sizes C-G.

Wacoal Awareness Bras

Wacoal’s Awareness Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra is made from the same spacer fabric. The smooth lace-like jacquard fabric makes the Wacoal Awareness Wire Free Bra essentially a one-of-a-kind bra. Women who love wire free bras will appreciate the size range in this bra too! Bands sizes from 34-40 and cups B-G are available.

Both styles are available in Sand and Obsidian as and for a short time only, in a fashion pink, called Granita. The bras also feature the embroidered ribbon flag on back as a reminder for breast cancer awareness. The entire Awareness Collection is part of Wacoal’s ‘Bra for a Cause’ and is intended to remind women about the importance of breast health and the need to support the fight against breast cancer.

As a final note, if you are someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you are never alone. There are many organizations that want to help you as well as family, friends and concerned caregivers. Breast cancer affects each and every one of us in some way. Take advantage of the many assistance options offered by your healthcare provider and community groups. You are loved.

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