The Dreaded Quadraboobs!

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How to Avoid the Boobie Trap… Especially the Dreaded Quadraboobs!

We are all aware of the undesirable problems resulting from wearing a poorly fitting bra. Much has been written on the subject. However, the most dreaded of all results for big breasted women is, of course, the dreaded “quadraboob”. The urban dictionary defines the quadraboob this way: When larger breasted women wear bras that fit badly and the boobs fall out of the bra giving the illusion of four boobs instead of two.

Unfortunately, “Quadraboob” or over the cup top spillage is a common fashion problem that happens with too many large breasted women. Fortunately, it can be easily resolved by changing the style, shape, and size of the bras you wear. It is important to note that this doesn’t mean that you will never be able to wear pretty, sexy bras. It does mean that you will have to pay attention to the bras you choose to purchase. So how do you avoid the unsightly results?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra besides the all too obvious quadraboobs:

  • When there are red marks under the shoulder straps or indentation marks on the shoulders, the indication is that the back of the bra is too big and that the ribcage is not supporting the weight of the breasts.
  • When the back of the bra is not horizontal from the front of the chest and is rising up at the back.
  • When the front of the bra does not fit the sternum firmly.
  • When you have flesh spilling out from sides or top of the bra cup (aka the quadraboob), the bra cup is not snugly enclosing the breast.
  • When the wires dig and cause pain, the cup size is too small.

In addition to the fashion side, we now know that there is a more important aspect to wearing the wrong bra. It turns out that badly fitting bras can result in health problems. The British Osteopathic Association launched a far-reaching campaign to warn women about the possible health problems associated with badly fitting bras.

Joanna Cram from the British Osteopathic Association stated in the campaign: "Badly fitting bras that don't fit properly aren't just uncomfortable. For example, if the under-band of the bra does not support the weight of the breasts then the shoulders do. This causes the shoulders to droop and as a natural consequence the breasts droop too."

She further stated: "When shoulders compensate for lack of bra support, effectively carrying the weight of a woman's breasts, the spine can become curved, the tops of the shoulders hunched and the upper ribs become compressed.

"This change in posture can be obvious or very slight but can have negative health implications that are seemingly unrelated to whether a bra fits properly. For example, compressed ribs affect the respiratory system which can result in breathing problems and an unsupported under-band can cause postural problems."

"Further, an ill-fitting bra can restrict the blood flow potentially causing mastitis and local tissue scarring."

According to the conclusions of several “large breast experts”, somewhere around 80% of all women who wear bras are wearing the wrong size. The most common mistake is wearing a cup size that is too small and a back size that is too big. Retailer reports have determined that at least 6 out of 10 women who currently wear a C cup should really be wearing a D cup or larger. As we mentioned earlier, wearing a cup size that is too small is one of the issues that will likely result in the appearance of 'quadraboobs'.

Joanna from the British Osteopathic Association concludes: "The most common bad fits are a cup that is too small, and a back of the bra that is too big. These often happen together. Just because a woman was once 34B, doesn't mean she still is. A 34B in one style is not the same as a 34B in another. Further, the breast can increase by two cup sizes during the menstrual cycle and changes hugely during pregnancy and breast-feeding. You try shoes on for fit before buying - do the same with bras."

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