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A New Year to Achieve Your Personal Best with Wacoal Sports Bras!

Out with the old and in with the new – a new and improved you! Of course, that begins with getting in shape. The best place to begin with that is in wearing the right bras for your workouts! The New Year is an excellent time to replace your bras, a practice you should be doing more frequently than you might have realized!

If you’re not sure when or why your sports bras might need updating, here’s some reasons to replace them in the New Year:

1. You haven’t measured your bra size in years.

    Really? You know that’s silly outright. Your body has undoubtedly gone through changes for any number of reasons. Use our bra fitting guide on this site to determine your correct bra size.

    2. Your sports bras are uncomfortable.

    There is absolutely no reason to be wearing an uncomfortable sports bra in this day and age, especially when Wacoal bras are all about comfort. So, If you’re wearing bras that cause you to go through days of suffering with discomfort, or your bra is not the right size, or not supporting your body shape, or has fabrics or features that are just plain wrong for you - they have got to be tossed. Even if you have large breasts your sports bras should embrace your curves and make you feel supported, secure and comfortable with every wear.

    3. Your sports bras have lost their support.

    If your bras are droopy when you aren’t wearing them, it is not likely that they will be able to support your breasts when they’re on your body. Your breasts should sit upright and centered on your chest and you should feel lifted from the straps, cups and band. Naturally, over time bras will stretch and lose their supportive structure. That’s a clear indication that you need to replace your sports bras.

    Now is the time to discover Wacoal Sports Bras. The latest best-selling sports bras by Wacoal-America provide lift, support, and comfort for all levels of activity. Wacoal's new Sports Underwire Bra, Up to G Cup, Style # 855229, is a truly innovative sports bra! This Wacoal bestseller has a unique outside underwire that minimizes the movement of the breast during workouts of any intensity. This is sports bra technology combined with everyday comfort, to give women of all shapes and sizes the best, most comfortable workouts ever! This bra is made with moisture-wicking fabric to help keep your skin dry and the cups are designed with a hidden sling for extra support in G and H cup sizes. Band sizes run from 32 to 42, and cup sizes from C to H.

    Wacoal Contour Sports Bra 855229
    Wacoal Contour Sports Bra 855229

    The Wacoal Sport Wire Free Bra, Up to G Cup Sizes, Style # 852302 
    is an ultra-comfortable sports bra that will be working with you all the way. Designed to minimize bounce, the new Sports Wire Free Bra will give you the support need for whatever activity you choose. The sporty mesh detail on the strap, center front, and band is a stylish feature to this lightweight and breathable sport bra. This great bra is available in band sizes from 32 to 42, and cup sizes from C to G.

    Wacoal Sport Wire Free Bra 852302
    Wacoal Sport Wire Free Bra 852302

    The Wacoal Sport Contour Underwire Bra, Up to G Cup Sizes, Style # 853302
    , has the right stuff for your most intense workouts as well as for any lighter level workouts. It has soft, breathable molded cups that offer a simplex fabric frame in the top and sides of the cups. This fabric is designed to help minimize bounce in activities ranging from stretching to full out running and everything in-between! Cushioned front straps offer added comfort and is available in band sizes from 32 to 40, and cup sizes from C to G.

    Wacoal Sport Contour Underwire Bra
    Wacoal Sport Contour Underwire Bra

    Happy New Year – Happy New You!

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