The Joy of Summer!

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Hello, Summer! Our favorite season is almost upon us and we are so excited! Long summer days and warm summer evenings are all about endless summer fun! As the temperatures rise and the sky becomes clear and blue, the sun bathes our skin in a warm, soothing golden glow. And so we think of summer joy.

Many of you dedicate your summer fun to beach days, weekend trips, watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, summer sports, and walking through favorite local markets to enjoy the sights, styles, smells and sounds of summer. Naturally, for any of these activities, you will want to be wearing the most comfortable bras.

As the temperature head for the 90’s, some molded or contour bras can get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. This is where Wacoal’s bras come in. Because summer is the time for lightweight clothing and bare skin, the best options under summer clothing include strapless bras, t-shirt bras, sports bras, t-back/racerback bras, convertible bras, bralettes, and spacer foam bras.

Let me explain why these bra selections work best during the summer months. First, Wacoal strapless bras can be worn five different ways to coordinate with any summer look. When you want your shoulders hidden, Wacoal’s t-back, racerback and convertible bras with a J-Hook are an excellent option. They are so versatile! T-shirt bras should match your skin tone as much as possible to give you a sleek look under lightweight summer styles without the show-through. Sports bras help you stay on your game simply because they are so supportive and comfortable. Many of us like wearing them even when we are not working out! Last, but not least, spacer foam bras are another great summer option because they have contoured cups without the bulk.

Summer Fun Tips

Beach days – Nothing beats a summer day by the ocean with toes in the sand and falling asleep to the sound of gently rolling waves. Can’t get to the beach? Find a beautiful lake, pool, or even fill a kiddlie pool with water as you tune into ocean waves on You Tube.

Weekend trips – How about becoming a tourist in your own town? Check out the 10 best places to visit in your area, and go to one you’ve never been to before. Always a great thing to do!

Watch the sunrise/sunset – Be inspired! Put your smart phone down because sunrises and sunsets only last a short time, and you will want to really appreciate them without distraction. Plus, you might be surprised by the silence! This will give you the opportunity to look within and discover some things about your inner self. FaceBook and Twitter can wait!

Get in shape with summer sports - Swimming is a great way to be active while getting refreshed in the water! How about tennis? Tennis can be played day or night. And, golf is such a popular summer sport. Let's not forget volley ball, soft ball and baseball. Whew... I am exhausted just thinking about all that!

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