Lingerie Trends for 2019

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We love how a New Year comes with new things and the Latest Trends!

Looking forward in the Lingerie world is always fun! Last year we saw lingerie becoming more of a fashion statement than previous years. 2018 was officially recognized for lingerie’s transformation from something you wore underneath your clothing to something you wear as clothing. I know, some of you are already thinking back to Madonna in the 1980’s, however wearing underwear on the outside was considered to be a new trend in 2018! The big question is now all about the latest trends for 2019.

Let’s face it. Trends that are emerging in the bra and underwear world can help inform you when making those personal purchases. For 2019, the word is to expect to see women of all ages, including and especially millennials, increasingly embrace the desire for comfort. Comfort has become one of the top two most desirable aspects of lingerie. If you think about it, It’s only logical since we have to wear it every day. So, to me it makes total sense. Click Here to see our new Comfort Bra category!

Strappy bras and pretty bralettes and bodysuits were unquestionably everywhere last year. I don’t believe that trend is going away soon, however I do believe the new styles will be designed to accentuate comfort as the main focus.

We’re also likely to see much more impact from past decades into modern lingerie. One coming trend to take note of is the classic high cut panty! The vintage glamour is associated with sexiness, giving your legs a long, lovely look. The high cut panty comes in so many different styles, colors, and fabrics. And, the elastic trimmed leg openings sit on top of your hip rather than on the hip. Why does that matter? Because the high cut creates a beautiful curvature for your lower body. It emphasizes the curves in all the right places that we all aim for. Hi-Cut Panties, as they are dubbed by Wacoal, look good on every body type and they don’t skimp in the comfort department either. Click Here to see some of our favorites!

Besides a big surge in comfort-oriented lingerie, we believe we will see more dynamic ranges of color, lots of mixtures of textures, and unique cuts of fabric. Lingerie is meant to be fun as well as practical and this year, lots of creativity by the designers will allow us to truly indulge in that fun.

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