Bras for Asymmetrical Breasts

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Whatever size or shape your breasts are, there’s something else you have probably noticed about them as well – they are slightly different! They are not perfectly symmetrical. This phenomenon is very similar to hands or eyes. Note: A quick test - you can observe this phenomenon by placing a cover over one eye in a photograph of virtually anyone, and repeat the process by looking at the other eye – it is amazing how different they are! So too, no one has two perfectly identical breasts. On many people, however, these minor variations are imperceptible.

What are asymmetrical breasts?

When the difference between your breasts becomes more prominent, the term that bra professionals use to describe this: Asymmetrical or uneven breasts. The larger breast may hang a little lower, or simply look a little fuller. Even then, it’s not always an issue. If your breasts are only different by half a cup size or less, you may not have even noticed!

When breasts are uneven by a cup size or more, the problem becomes more significant. Bras are made under the assumption that you will be wearing the same cup size on both sides. Although asymmetrical breasts are totally normal, that does not mean that it won’t be frustrating to contend with when it comes to finding bras that fit.

If you have asymmetrical breasts, you will have discovered by now that you are often faced with one of two problems: Cup Overflow, or Cup Gaping. Which problem you have is dependent on whether you have been buying bras to fit the smaller breast or the larger breast. When you buy a bra that fits the smaller breast, the other cup will cause a problem with the larger one by cutting into the breast. If the bra you buy fits the larger breast, there will ultimately too much room on with the cup on the other side. That will lead to a gaping or crushed cup with the other breast.

So, the question is: How do you find a bra that fits both breasts?

There are two very good options: Stretch Fabrics and Spacer Bras. Let’s look at stretch fabrics first. Obviously, bras with stretchy cups will mold to whatever size and shape you have, so unless your cup size difference is especially conspicuous, they will probably fit nicely over both breasts. You can also adjust each shoulder strap a little differently to tailor the fit of each cup to obtain a more balanced look.

Future Foundation Stretch Bra for Asymmetrical Bras
Future Foundation Stretch Bra for Asymmetrical Bras

The downside with stretchy fabrics is that they are not as supportive. Conclusively, this solution is more appropriate for women with smaller breasts, or for women who are okay with less of a lift from their bras.

Spacer Bras

Spacer Bras are a lightweight alternative to molded or padded bras. The difference can be found within the fabric. Spacer fabric is created through a different process from regular foam as the purpose is for it to be light and breathable. Spacer Fabric is a uniquely knitted fabric (constructed of 2 layers of thin fabric, joined together with a spacer yarn), designed to create air flow and light padding. Spacer bras have molded cups that hold their rounded shape. Unlike an unlined bra, they mold to your breast and do not wrinkle if not completely filled. That means that they’ll create a visually balanced silhouette. Your asymmetry will not be visible under clothing.

Basic Beauty Spacer Bra
Basic Beauty Spacer Bra

Remember, it is important to always fit the bra to your larger breast because the cup over-spill can be very noticeable under a fitted top!

A Third Option: Bras with Removable Padding

Removable padded inserts are popular with women with asymmetrical breasts. The bra designer may have created them to be worn together, to give you an all-over boost, but there’s nothing to stop you from keeping the padding in one side only.

B-Smooth by Wacoal with Removeable Pads
B-Smooth by Wacoal with Removeable Pads

Also, most lingerie stores sell ‘bra fillers’, gel or foam pads that you can pop inside a bra you already own. The benefit of buying a bra that comes with its own removable padding however is that it’s more effective – there’s a built-in pocket for that pad that comes with the bra, so the pad won’t fall out when your bra comes off.

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